Projects proposals in progress

The Project Incubator’s trainees swung into action and started working on their applications. The best ones will receive Incubator’s micro-grants for their implementation. This will enable local CSOs to gain experience in carrying out their own projects and, thanks to adequate PR campaigns, strengthen their position and give them recognition indispensable for seeking and receiving external funds for future activity.

Taking a bird’s eye view of the ideas developed in the Incubator, they range from manufacture and promotion of local products (natural cosmetics, food, handicraft), an anti-drugs campaign for youth, through installation of dustbins, recycling and reinforcement of eco-friendly attitudes, to fight for human rights of indigenous people and women empowerment (provision of vocational trainings in hairdressing or beauty treatment).

An interesting topic is being dealt with by the Khonu m’ cung Environment Conservation Organization (KECO) which wants to foster environmental awareness, especially among young people, by collecting local species of crops or wild plants and planting them in a mini-botanical garden next to a school. Descriptions of the species will be prepared and the use of crops and interesting information about rare plants will be presented to pupils so they can discover biodiversity of their region. The garden, on the other hand, will be promoted online, e.g. by posting its photos on the website.

Another worthwhile initiative is being created by the Kcho Chin Development Association. It is going to establish the Chin Eco-Tourism Guide Association to encourage tourism in the region. The project includes the purchase of small equipment for guides and their clients, creation of a Facebook page for the Association, preparation of materials (photos, description) connected with interesting spots in the area and determination of potential eco-tourists’ expectations. As a final product, two kinds of trips will be offered: rural and wild nature tour.

Finally, the Volunteer Activity for Positive Group wants to tackle the problem of insufficient HIV/AIDS education of Kalay area where 80 % of PLHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) do not even know that they are infected with the virus. The CSO is going to abandon the traditional awareness campaign for the sake of a more innovatory model, i.e. an organisation of a movie clip competition for young people who can shoot their movies with smart phones and post them online for voting.

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