BY-LAND-BIO-SAVE: Conservation of biodiversity and traditional rural landscape of Naroch region, NW, BY: old cultivars orchards & cereal crops

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The Applicant/ Leader (in English)

NGO “Women for Revival of Naroch Region” /Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship Komarovo and ECO DOM NGO

The Applicant/ Leader (in local language)

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Background of the applicant

Conservation of nat. landscape of NP Naroch; Econ- Incentive Based Community SD in NW BY; Envi-friendly construction, renewable energy; Rural soc/entrepreneurship, short food chains; Implemented 40 projects in ecosystems m., renewable energy, org. farming; 2016 2 Polish Aid projects: rural soc. entrepreneurship/ & Manufacture of local breeds based organic bread & jams: complimentary to the proposal; BY RURAL BOOST, EUROPEAID, 2014: pending reg. due to political problems;    

Applicant's legal status & registration data


Applicant's email & phone 

+48 537 864 730  

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Contact Person for this Project

Katsiaryna Rouba

+48 537 864 730  

Project location

Parts of 4 districts of north-western Belarus (BY): Myadel district, Minsk Region; Pastavy district, Vitebsk Region; Astravyets district, Smorgon district, Grodno Region; Eco-sensitive & critical landscape valuable zones of: NP Naroch and adjacent areas; Project Focal Area:    

Overall objective or goal

Replacement of traditional cultivars of crops (apple & cereals) by m. productive dwarf orchard (12% per year), monocultures expansion (on rented land), lack of conservation know-how, eco-awareness, l. of tangible market incentives. Disappearing traditional landscape: apple’s orchards (Weisser Klarapfel, Littauischer Pepping, Rosenstreifling etc.) & small plots old cereals (Panicum miliaceum L., T. monococcum, Avena strigosa); Habitats loss & corridors frag/ water retention↓/ ↑chemicals applied 

Description of the activities

Build capacity/CB of young generation smallholders on conservation & management of old cereal crops and traditional orchards (on spot life workshops) 2. Est. association of eco- producers on the basis of local farmers and landowners (approx. 40 mem), provide organizational support for the association: add-up to long term suitability, as direct extension to “Manufacture”: Polish Aid local processing project; 4. Integrate intergenerational learning & traditional knowledge into CB & environmental education;  5. Launch engaging & innovatory (for BY) ecological education tools on crops biodiversity & landscape conservation (application: “chase for” & photo traps & “open-air” class), in cooperation with 3 local schools;  6. Include local smallholder in the economic model of eco-producing pastry and jam from local cultivars: conservation incentive & income generation & sustainability;  7. Est permanent working cooperation with local public authorities for biodiversity & landscape conservation    

Outcomes or long-term results of the project:

Increase ecological knowledge and skills, integration & transfer of best practice in looking after old orchard and small plots cereal crops: conservation & management praxis; Increased public awareness on biodiversity & landscape conservation needs; Preservation & improvements in orchards’/ fragmented edged small plot habitats management/eco-corridors/improved water retention/↓chemicals applied; Conservation of traditional rural landscape of NP “Naroch”; Incentive based conservation scheme est.    

Target groups & final beneficiaries:

Limit disappearance of 4 sorts of trad. apples orchards and 4 of cereal; 40 farmers will acquire know-how; 1 integrated educational programme; 8 outdoor workshops; 1 open-air class; 1 guide (calendar): on/off line; 1 app for eco-edu; 3 photo-traps;   

Involving &praxis CB for farmers; Incentive based conservation scheme est.; Conser. of biodiversity & traditional landscape of NP “Naroch”; Attractive biodiversity & landscape protection eco-edu-programme, including app;    

Project sustainability

Stability of the project ensured by financial autonomy of the process. Project developed as complementary to another one with the aim to boost local processing & sales of ecologically pure bread and jam from local products, financed by PL. It establishes economic motivation to grow and save traditional agricultural crops. Farmers have additional income in case they contribute to saving old breeds and cultivate on the principles of eco-farming. The place included in existing tourist routes. 

The project is easy scalable & multipliable.   Edu programme & e-tool are open data & ready to be used. CB programme & tools can be applied in other regions of BY/CEE. Involvement of more local farmers into the current bio conservation & sales incentive scheme is smooth & possible. The genuine model is reproducible in other regions, providing est. of local processing power/sales/local food chains: economic sustainability. 

In line with best sustainable environmental management praxis. The proposed project assumes processing & sales (under the extension: Polish Aid) local products at spot, in Komarovo: local supply & food chains & shared distribution/transport to Minsk. This is a way to save resources for transportation. Has direct positive effects on water usage & balance & retention & land management.  

Risks & risk-mitigation measures

Interest and involvement of farmers: mitigation: praxis & result oriented CB programme & economic incentive scheme & all-embracing - intra-generational; Interest of public authorities to cooperate: mitigation: non-political issue & tangible income generation scheme for communities;    

Interest in eco edu programme: mitigation: involving attractive approach combining open-air & ICT based (app & games: chase & photo & doc/map): novelty for BY;

Amount Requested, state the currency

32 000 GBP   

Other funding sources

Polish Aid & PL Embassy in MSQ